“Veronika is one of our most consistent and strongest donors. At age 11 Veronika has already helped change the lives of over 50 disabled children in Guatemala by funding their Wheelchairs, giving the recipients mobility, dignity, and hope for the future, allowing them to attend school, find work, and transport themselves. Thank You, Veronika.”  -Ralph Terpstra, President Hope Haven Canada


“Veronika is a caring, creative, intelligent, hard working, and passionate young leader!  It has been wonderful to witness her deep commitment to helping others and her courage and drive in achieving her goals.  Veronika is an extraordinary role model for people of all ages—and I highly recommend her as a speaker who inspires and motivates audience members to think about how they too can change the world.” –Tiffany Poirier, Teacher/Author/TEDxVictoria Speaker


“Veronika is by nature a highly motivated and communicative leader. She seeks out ways to take her ideals to the next level by acting to make a positive impact on the world. She frequently inspires those around her, children and adults alike, to broaden their understanding of global issues. Veronika shows exactly what powerful agents of world change children can be!” -Mme. Bruce, Teacher


“Veronika never shies away from an opportunity to speak about her passion for raising awareness and money to buy wheelchairs in Guatemala.  I am amazed by the dedication she has shown from such a young age.  Veronika has organized the collection of juice boxes for many years at [our school] and has rallied to get as many classes involved in the program.  It is heartwarming to see the pictures and hear the stories of all the people she has helped.  She is an excellent example of how one person can make a difference.” -Mme. Bernier, Teacher


“Veronika is passionate about helping those in need.  Her dedication shines through. For several years, on a weekly basis, she has been faithfully roaming the hallways of [our school] collecting and counting juice boxes.  Veronika is an inspiration and a role model to us all.” -Mme. Okyere, Teacher


Veronika lives a life exemplifying both initiative and consistency to see her goals met in helping others. She does so in an inspiring way inviting others to join her cause. Veronika is a delight to be with and her servant leadership is a great example to many.
-Ms. Susanne, Local Children’s Pastor


“We were privileged to have Veronika speak at the closing of a recent Leadership Symposium for Grade 6 & 7’s in the School District.  Veronika’s passion to make a difference in this world and her strong leadership skills were evident to all students.”
-Mrs. Elenko, Teacher


“Veronika is a committed, determined advocate for persons with disabilities. She is also a lovely person. It was a pleasure to be her teacher.” -Ms. Kelsey, Teacher


“Veronika – thank you for speaking at our event. I was very impressed with your presentation skills and your ease in speaking to such a large group. Congrats on a job well done.” -L. Hart, Program Director at Volunteer BC