Guatemala Trip 2017

On October 15, 2017, I will be joining 9 other volunteers on a Wheelchair Distribution Trip to Guatemala. While there we will be distributing approximately 100 wheelchairs to disabled individuals. These recipients have waited sometimes up to 3 years to receive a wheelchair, providing them with mobility. This new found mobility is life changing for them, and their families, since they are now able to go to school, visit their neighbors, get their own water, etc… Also, they no longer need to be carried everywhere, often freeing up their parents. Since they are very poor, they have no other means to receive this mobility.

While in Guatemala we will also be building a home for a poor family. There are many widows with children who are living under plastic, homes made using corn stalks and cardboard, and sleeping on the ground. We will provide a concrete slab on which we will build a 16 ft. X 18 ft. metal home with 2 windows and 1 door which can be secured. In this home we will supply a 3 tier bunkbed, and a fuel efficient cook stove.

We are also scheduled to distribute 15 – 20 food hampers along with donated clothing, again to very poor families.

Would you partner with our team by supporting us financially? We are all paying our own travel costs, as well as all our in-country expenses. The budget for our projects is $17,230.00 US, or $22,000.00 Canadian. Any donation you are willing to support us with will go directly to the projects, and will be fully tax receipted by Hope Haven Canada Ministries.

I/we look forward to your support in providing for these poor families who are not able to afford these items, which we in Canada take for granted.

If you have any questions, or are able to partner with our team by supporting us financially, please let The Juicebox Project know by email. Donations are needed by October 1, 2017.

Thank you!!